Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m one frugal lady!  I’m in my mid 20’s and recently have started looking for cheaper and/or healthier alternatives to our over processed lives… and yes I mean “over processed lives.”  From the over processed, hormone infected foods to the chemical filled, nutrient stripping products you wash you’re precious, luxurious body with… our lives are very much over processed, but here at The N8ked Rose you will find alternatives, recipes, and stories of my own personal experiences.  I know, I know another crazy lady who wants us all to be hippies… but yeah a little bit 🙂  It’s about getting back to the basics, knowing where your products come from and how they were cared for (this goes especially for foods), and let’s be serious we all like to save some money, right?  So enjoy poking around here at The N8ked Rose!

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