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DIY: Yoghurt

Many of you may know I’m not the biggest dairy fan… At all! Yeah I like cheese once in a while but dairy milk grosses me out, especially with how it’s over processed these days. Anyways, I like to use almond or coconut milk. You can even search how to make them yourself leaving out all those chemicals and preservatives. Last night I made some coconut milk and decided I wanted to make yoghurt with it. So I’m looking up about 20-30 different bloggers recipes and decided to just take a hunt from a few and go at it my own way.

Well let’s just say my first try wasn’t a home run but I did get a pint of yoghurt out of it! I’m hoping next time I’ll get a higher yield!

Coconut Yoghurt
– 4 cups coconut milk (mine was a bit watery, will use a different recipe next time that yields 3 cups from Crunchy Betty)
– 1 probiotic capsule (mine had 15 strains)
– 1/4 cup Chia Seeds (optional)
– 2 quart jars full of hot water
– Cooler

Add coconut milk to quart jar and mix in your probiotic. Sit in a cooler with the two hot water jars and close. Allow to sit for up to 24 hrs. Begin taste testing after 6-8 hrs so see how tart you’d like it. Mine sat for 24 hrs. And then pop it in the fridge! I added chia seeds to the mix to make it thicker. You can use whatever thickener you’d like. When cold drain the excess water and use in compost or save for smoothies it has lots of probiotic goodness in it. I ended up blending mine because of the chia seeds. Store your yoghurt for up to 1 week.

Tonight I used my chia coconut yoghurt in a smoothie! It was delish! Frozen strawberries, lime juice cube, and yoghurt=Blended Yum!



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