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Saving Fresh Garden Goodies: Dehydration!

I was given 5 gallons of bell peppers, 2.5 gallons of cayenne peppers, and 1 gallon of jalapenos!  Now what was I going to do with all of these?  I can’t eat all that in a week or two… I did give some of the bells to my grandmother 🙂  and the rest were sliced and diced and frozen.  You can also dehydrate them and save them that way… Those gallons of cayenne peppers and jalapenos weren’t going to stay well just sitting in my fridge, so I decided to dehydrate them to save them for use year round.  I DON’T HAVE TO BUY A HOT PEPPER ALL WINTER!  Ok so this is super easy… put peppers on dehydrator trays… turn on.  It’s that simple.  Your home will smell delicious, at least I love the smell of these lovely peppers drying.  Now enjoy year round and no waste.  You can save the seeds for planting next year as well 🙂


Peppers Dehydrating

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