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Natural Sinus – Nasal Wash

Paranasal sinuses Polski: Zatoki przynosowe

Paranasal sinuses Polski: Zatoki przynosowe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Previously I posted about making your own vapor rub for your sinuses, and today I wanted to share a pretty sweet set of products I’ve just tried and so far really like!  One is the SinuSense Waterpik with Soothing Saline packs and the other is Alkalol Nasal Wash.  I was pretty skeptical at first when I ordered it from Amazon, but after using it literally just before writing this I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you all.  From what I understand the way a Sinus problem forms is by the glands in your sinus cavity get swollen from inhaling impurities (in my case lots of dust from a 4-wheeler ride) and start to ooze gross mucus into the stomach which then goes into the blood stream and then throughout your entire body spreading like a bacterial wild fire.  GROSS!!!  These products are a natural way to cleanse all that nastiness out before it has a chance to irritate and cause you to get sick… they also relieve sinus pressure and moisturize the sinus cavity to keep it healthier.  They way I see it is if you wash your body regularly why not take care of your insides while your at it.  You can do this in the shower or over the sink its so easy and quick.

                                    Alkalol Nasal Wash                                Waterpik

What I Did:

I used the Waterpik bottle because it hold 8 oz of fluid and can do both sides of your nose without refilling it and you can add the Alkalol into the mix.  I boiled some distilled water and let it cool to a lukewarm state.  Then added it with one packet of the saline solution and left room for a 20% mix of the Alkalol wash.  Gently shake the bottle to mix and then follow the directions on the waterpik.

It was a little weird at first, but it cleared out a lot of mucus (yeah I know gross right?!)  But after getting a second sinus infection just after about a month and a half from the first one, I figured I needed to look into a natural wash that I could use to clean that nasty stuff out so hopefully I won’t get sick again.  Because I hate taking antibiotics, they slow me down, make me tired, mess up my insides… the only thing they do is kill all the bacteria, good and bad, in the body… which I don’t think I could have handled another day of that infection… It was awful and going to my chest.  I am just thankful that I found these products.  They seem to work so far.  I’ll report back for further updates!

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