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Yeast Infections

Alright friends, no one likes to talk about the good old Yeast Infection, otherwise known as thrush.  Ladies tend to have this problem more than the Gents, but Gents YOU CAN GET A YEAST INFECTION, so don’t rule yourself out.  It’s caused by an excess of Candida in the body and it feeds on sugars!  Diet plays a big role as well.

Many things can help get rid of a yeast infection without the use of prescriptions.  These are my experiences with getting rid of this infection and are in no way considered cure alls or work for everyone.  Do you own research and test your own things out.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR, yet again these are my own experiences.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Mix 1T in 1 Cup water, put into a squeeze bottle, soak tampon with solution and insert every 4-6 hours remove over night, you can do this for 3-4 days.
    • Vinegar balances the PH of the vagina and doesn’t allow the candida to grow, it also soothes
  • Coconut Oil
    • Same thing as the vinegar, soak a tampon and insert
  • Probiotics
    • Take one in the morning and at night to increase the amount of good bacteria in the body
  • Cranberry Extract
    • Get a quality pill form, and take one-two with each meal and a full glass of water… the bottle says one per day, but for me I took about 6 per day and it helped quite a bit
  • Homemade douche
    • 2 cups water, 4T Apple Cider Vinegar, 2-4 drops Lavender, 2-4 drops Tea Tree Oil, 2-4 drops Rosemary Oil, 1 smashed probiotic, and use as a douche up to twice a day
    • Option 2: soak a tampon in this solution and insert
  • Garlic
    • Add garlic to each meal: FRESH GARLIC not a dry spice
    • Insert a peeled clove into the vagina, leave in as along as possible that day and remove at night
    • Garlic is natural and doesn’t allow the candida to grow while killing it in the process

I did a combo of all these things and it disappeared in about 3-4 days which is about the same as the pill from the doctor for me and I didn’t have to pay a crazy office visit or for the pill.

Ladies if you take birth control you are more prone to these infections and instead of ingesting yet another medication you can test these out.  I can’t stand to wait in a docs office just to have them tell me what I already know and charge me for it, then over charge for the medication to get rid it.  I have all these at home so this was way easier.

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