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Loaded Key Ring… Hard to Tell Which Key Goes Where?

2013-05-05 11.32.38

Do you have a key ring with tons of keys?  Do you sometimes have to try some of them twice just to get the right one?  Today I want to share an easy way to make your  key chain manageable.  It’s very easy and quick to do.

Ok, ladies get your fingernail polish… gents ask the ladies in the house before stealing their polish… now with the different colors paint your keys!  WAIT, wait, wait a second, don’t paint the part that goes into the lock, just the top part of the key and allow to dry… repeat if necessary to get a thicker coat of polish.

Get creative with it, you can even use glow in the dark polish, small stickers, nail stickers, or print a sticker of your own and layer over it with the polish.  This is a great way to spice up your work key ring too!

Hint: to allow your key to dry and not stick to anything, put the non painted part on a bookshelf edge and something on top of it to keep it from falling.

How do you spice up your key rings? 

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