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Green Office: Gift a Reusable Mug

2013-04-16 08.06.00

Lately, I’ve been watching The Good Wifeand in one episode they talk about budget cuts… any guesses on what one of the items was?  If your guess was paper products then you are correct!  I believe in the episode they said they spend $10,000 a year on paper products like cups, plates, and utensils.  Now why am I talking about some  tv show?  Many companies are facing the same issues… trying to find places to save money so they don’t have to eliminate more jobs than necessary.

So how do companies reduce spending on those items?  Go GREEN!  Below are a few ideas to get started…

  • Gift a personalized reusable mug instead of paper cups
  • Replace paper plates and plastic utensils with REAL ones that can be washed and reused
  • Put a dish rack on the counter
  • Instead of paper notes use an email or IM (when I worked in the office we always used emails, it’s a great way to keep up with things and no lost notes on the cluttered desk)
  • RECYCLE, if you don’t already

How does your office go green? 

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