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Easy on the Wallet Entertainment: Movies

With the current economy the way it is… and who knows when it will actually come back… anyways, who had extra income to blow on things like dates, movies, dinner out, and any type of entertainment?  Not I!!!  I think I’m stuck in the generation that got skipped over with the wealth…  seems like it anyways.  So what do I do for cheap fun?  I seek out what we call Dollar Theaters.  For example, there is a Regency theater a few miles from me that charges $3 for second run films (films older than 2 weeks), also on Sunday and Tuesday they only charge $1.50.  I love going to see a film for $1.50!!!  The refreshments are about the same price, but 2 people can go the movies, get popcorn, soda, and a hotdogs for $20!  So look around and see if there is anything like this near you!

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