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Foaming Soap Nut Liquid



Do you love soap nut liquid, but miss the foaming?  I know I do!  I found these foaming bottles and thought why not try soap nut liquid in it… and it works like a dream.  I bought a bottle of some cheap store brand soap in the foaming bottle because I didn’t want to wait for amazon or go on a wild crazy hunt all over the city looking for a bottle that costs like 10 cents and retails for over $10… so I bought the soap with bottle for $2.50 each and dumped the liquid, sanitized them, and put a mixture of soap nut liquid in it.  The company website of the soap I bought said that each bottle had about 130 pumps… that’s a lot of pumps!

I’m testing 4 different combinations and will post more about that later with results and all.

But so you have something to try out, so far my boyfriend likes mixture number 4.  He says it smells good too.

Soap Nut Foaming Liquid #4

Simple Soap Nut Liquid Soap

NOTE: Make sure to strain the liquid through an unbleached (brown) coffee filter before putting into the bottle as the smallest of particles will clog the pump.

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