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Soap Nuts Another Natural Laundry Wash

Simple Laundry

Simple Laundry

Ok now everyone go take a look in your laundry room and see how many different types of products you have just for cleaning your clothes.  Now how many are there?  I had a whole cabinet full of stuff.

Used to have

  • something with bleach in it
  • fabric softener sheets
  • stain remover
  • tide
  • dawn (for those evil grease stains)
  • AND I used to have to wash my socks, undies, and lady jock straps (bras… hehe) with a different detergent because all of those things would irritate my skin.

Now that I’ve been using natural alternatives I don’t have to worry so much, YAY!

So now I use:

Ok so if you have something really dirty/stained you may still have to presoak it… Honestly unless I run out before I buy more, I may just switch to using these all the time, and of course keep my lovely Liquid Detergent around for items that don’t always touch my skin, like small rugs.


Simply put the berries in a cotton sock tie the end and toss in the wash with your clothes.


  1. Nuts can be used until they are dull or grayish .. usually between 3-5 times depending on how hot the water is.
  2. Some say to remove the pit of the berry and only use the shells (as that is where all the good stuff is anyways) and it could turn whites a bit yellow.  
    • The pit does smell bad I’ve noticed, so I remove them.  It’s easy, just cut them open with a kitchen scissors.
  3. Soap nuts work best in warmer waters, so if you do a cold wash use 5-7 nuts and for hot wash you can use 4.
  4. I use a vinegar fabric softener with lavender oil in a downy ball, it makes the laundry smell yummy and soft.
  6. Don’t forget to find your sock of berries and remove before loading laundry into the dryer.

Let me know what you think!  Happy Laundry Day!

ps. I sent a few nuts out inside of easter eggs via snail mail, and just got the first picture back, I’m so excited to see more.  I will update the Facebook page when more come in.  🙂

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