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Soap Nuts… Natures Way of Saying “Stop Using Those Chemicals”



What is a soap nut?

Soap nuts are actually the fruit growing on a very unique tree, but it is NOT FOR EATING as far as my research goes.  The shell contains saponins, which are a 100% natural, hypoallergenic, biodegradable  organic soap.  It grows best in Asia lands, but has been found in the southern states like Texas and Southern California.  It is an organically grown, sustainable, natural, environmentally friendly way to clean not only your body, but your house, car, and pet, to name a few.  This nut has been used for washing for thousands of years, so join in the ancient fun and rid yourself of harmful chemicals.  I bought my soap nuts from MountainRoseHerbs and am loving them.  These nuts can be used in many ways, liquid form or dried form.  Also these nuts can be used several times before they are ready to be tossed, so these are definitely going to last me a long time.  Usually the berry can be used from 2-7 times depending on how it’s being used.

Soap nuts are great for: 

    • Sensitive skin 
    • Allergies (if you are allergic to nuts, this soapberry is a fruit so you should be ok, but please do a bit more research prior to use)
    • Cloth Diapers
    • Shampoo
    • Body wash
    • Green Cleaning of the Home
Soapnut Liquid

Soapnut Liquid

Soap nut Liquid:

    • For each cup of water add 2 soapberries.  So for 6 cups of water, use 12-15 berries
    • Then if the berry you ordered still has the nut or pit in it, open and remove it
    • Add water and cut up berries to pot and bring to a boil
    • Reduce to simmer for 30 minutes or until you are left with half the amount of water
    • Remove from stove and allow to completely cool
    • Add any Essential Oils you’d like (optional)
    • Strain berries and put in a storage contain in the fridge
      • NOTE: Soapberry liquid will go bad in a matter of days, so only make enough for the week and store in the fridge the portion you will not use immediately.  I have read many things about how long it lasts so I urge you to explore more as well.
    • Let the remaining berry shells dry then grind them up into a powder (… uses in a later post)

More recipes and uses to come this week!


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