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Made-In-My-Kitchen: Natural Homemade Delicious Smelling Citrus Cleaner

2013-03-15 10.55.08

Orange Peels with Vinegar

Recently I was looking for an alternative to the 409 (mostly bc I hate the smell and all the chemicals in it)… so I found a simple recipe recommended on many other blogs made from ingredients most people will have laying around the fridge or cabinets.  The only down side is that it takes 1 month or longer to make, but once you get it going and love eating or using citrus then you can just continue to make the quantity you’ll need for the month while using the previous batch you made.  🙂

I just started my experiment on a couple days ago and I will be posting updates as to how it is coming along and such.

The ingredients are simple… Orange peels covered with Vinegar!  Easy right?  So the next time you cut an orange put the peels in a jar and cover them with white vinegar and let sit for at least 4 – 6 weeks.  And label the jar so you don’t forget.  I have been shaking the jar each day so it feels like I’m doing something… 🙂  as I’m already anxious!

Once this mixture is finished you just pour into a spray bottle and use away… you can also dilute it to make different cleaners as well for floors and such.  I’ll post recipes too.

Fun Fact:

Citrus contains a natural solvent that breaks down oil and grease naturally, and vinegar can kill mold, bacteria, and germ all while being Environmentally Friendly.

3 thoughts on “Made-In-My-Kitchen: Natural Homemade Delicious Smelling Citrus Cleaner

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