Frugal Shopper

Frugal Shopping Success

Ok so I know the ladies will love this because its about SHOPPING, gents if you like to save $$$ keep reading. Today I went shopping at a couple thrift stores and let me tell you, I am a bargain shopper. I love fashionable clothes just like any other chick, however I cringe when I spend more than $20 on a shirt or $30 on pants. Anyways, for under $20 I was able to find a super cute black 3/4 rocker jacket ($1.99), a tan/olive cardigan ($5.99), purple and black flannel shirt with purple snaps (purple is my favorite color, $2.99), pink flannel tunic style 3/4 sleeve shirt (I can wear it with leggings!, $2.99), and just a simple black baby T that has a funny saying ($2.99). All in all I did pretty well getting 5 items for under $20. So I encourage everyone to go to their local thrift stores on your next shopping adventure… Never know when you’ll find a hidden treasure for $3!



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