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How to soak your nuts!

Soaked Almonds Are My Fav!


Activated nuts are the new (but actually old) rage!
By ‘activating’ the nuts your are releasing the enzymes within the nuts.
So in short, by eating activated enzymes, your body needs to produce less to digest them.
So its an easy and nutritious way to eat nuts! Also great if you have digestive troubles. Win, win!
To buy these in health food stores it costs about 3 times the cost of normal almonds, or mixed nuts. So why not make your own seeing as they are so easy peasy and costs nothing to do.

All you need to begin:

– Selection of plain nuts, whatever nuts you fancy!
– Water (ideally Spring or filtered)
– Sea salt (if desired) but not essential

Place the nuts in a bowl and leave to soak overnight.
If you are using cashews or macadamias, you will only need to soak them for about…

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